Introducing: LG ShoeCase Storage

Introducing: LG ShoeCase Storage

Looking for something to keep your shoe collection organized, while also displaying each pair in a way that allows you to stare at them as much as you'd like?  Look no further. Introducing the LG ShoeCase Storage....

ShoeCase Storage comprises a series of transparent, stackable containers that let you look onto your luxury investments without pulling down and opening countless boxes. Each display areas has turntable that lets the sneaker head see their shoes from all directions.

The interior of ShoeCase protects the sneakers again humidity and UV light that can bleach the specific colors in your Jordans, and other collectible sneakers. To compliment ShoeCase, LG also debuted Styler ShoeCare that is in essence a steam locker appliance that sanitizes, and refreshes shoes after wearing them. Integrating together, the products keep sneakers immaculate for years to come. 

Sep 6th 2022 - J

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